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Our Rating: 8.7/10

Wahl专业五星级秃顶快船# 8110 - Great for Barbers and Stylists – Cuts Surgically Close for Full Head Balding – Twice the Speed of Pivot Motor Clippers – Accessories Included

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Review Summary

If you’re looking for a hair clipper to achieve (an almost)完整的头剃须, orhigh precision bald fades,你需要看起来不比Wahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipper.

Let’s face it, the name of the product is a pretty good indication as to what this clipper is all about!

This is aprofessional use, mains hair clipper,with zero overlap blades it is specifically designed to remove all head hair, or at least 95% of it!

Spend a lot of time creating skin fades? This machine is the perfect tool.

Seriously..stop wasting your time on anything else.. just get it.


  • Powerful heavy-duty corded clipper, ideal for continual/professional use
  • V5000 vibrator motor for durability and longevity
  • Zero overlap blades – Self-sharpening, surgical sharp
  • 一个优秀的秃顶剪刀,价格非常好
  • Made in the USA
  • 12 month, Wahl-backed warranty


  • The blade will slice through any lumps or moles if you are not ultra-careful
  • Only comes with 2 clipper guards/combs
  • No carry/storage case
  • 只用作有线模型,关闭电源电力。No cordless version is available yet

大多数去秃头看起来的男人实际上更喜欢slight covering,to give the head sometexture.

These clippers are ideal for that look and will achieve the equivalent of a single day, to 3 days of hair growth.

当然,在这种剪切风格,它很容易cut your own hair.

If you really want a completely bold cut, you should take a look at the very popularPanasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor

Wahl Balding Clipper Review


Chromed Fine-Precision Blade

It’s all about the cutting blade with these clippers!

To cut that close to your head, the blade needs to be ultra-sharp and to cut as close to your scalp as possible.

The秃顶剪刀刀片are fine-toothed and made fromsurgical quality steel,plated with rust-resistant chrome.


The blades are set withzero-overlapto achieve a near balding finish.

Basically as close as you can get to your scalp without cutting the skin – “be careful!”

The blades are sharp and will cut you if you don’t concentrate. They are ideal for close skin fades and tapering.

Oscillating Armature Motor

这些Wahl Balding Clippers被沙龙/理发师行业专业人士广泛使用。

With constant use, and getting switched on and off, the motor needs to be robust and powerful.

Wahl doesn’t disappoint with these clippers.

They have installed a powerfulV5000 oscillating armature motorthat istwice the speedof regular pivot motor clippers.

It is an electromagnetic motor that isn’t as strong as some rotary-powered clippers – i.e. not as good at cutting through bulky, thick hair.

But as it’s designed for balding and close skin fades, it is more important the blade speed is kept high.

It is a corded model with a 2.4 m cable (8 foot) which ensures the clipper is always at full power.

What Is In The Box?

Wahl专业五星级秃顶快船# 8110 - Great for Barbers and Stylists – Cuts Surgically Close for Full Head Balding – Twice the Speed of Pivot Motor Clippers – Accessories Included

Thesecorded clipperscome shipped with:

  • 2 x combs – 1/2″ (1.5mm) 1 1/2″ (4.5mm)
  • Black barber comb
  • Blade guard
  • Pre-shave brush
  • 1 x small bottle of lubricating oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Operating manual


Wahl Balding Clippers – Blade

Don’t be caught out by not having a spare blade for your balding clippers.

They are stainless steel and will last a very long time, but there will come a time when you least want it to happen, you drop the clippers and damage the blade.

Wahl Balding Clipper Guards

Although this clipper is designed to remove nearly all the hair from your head, it’s still an excellent clipper that can be used to trim head hair and beards of different lengths.

目前,WAHL Balding Clipper Guards只能进入2尺寸 - (1/16“)1.5mm Guard和3/16”(4.5mm)。

If you want different guard sizes, this set of8 Color Coded Guide Combswill fit the Wahl Balding Clipper and give you a lot more cutting lengths to choose from:

Travel / Storage Case

The Balding Clipper doesn’t come with a storage case, but thisCaseling Hard Caseis just the right size.

If you’re not using the clipper in a salon or barbers, it will help protect your clipper when you’re not using it, or if you want to travel anywhere with it.

Lubricating Oil

Applying a few drops of oil every time you use your clippers, is a must.

The Wahl Balding Clippers come with just a small bottle, and you’ll use it up in no time.

Do yourself a favor and purchase a larger bottle at the same time as your clippers:

Pros And Cons


  • 强大的重型圆形剪辑,非常适合连续/专业用途。
  • V5000 vibrator motor for durability and longevity.
  • Zero overlap blades – Self-sharpening, surgical sharp. Will slice through hair like a knife through butter.
  • 一个优秀的秃顶剪刀,价格非常好.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 12 month, Wahl-backed warranty.


  • The blade will slice through any lumps or moles if you are not ultra-careful.
  • Only comes with 2 clipper guards/combs
  • No carry/storage case.
  • 只用作有线模型,关闭电源电力。没有无绳版本。

Who Is The Balding Clipper For?

  • Pro Barbers and Stylists looking to deliver awesome fades or just a tight shave.
  • Home use for anyone wanting as close to a bald head shave as possible. Not quite safety-razor-close, but almost.

Alternative Balding Clippers To Consider

There aren’t any equivalent balding clippers on the market.

据我所知,Wahl唯一专用balding clipper for men.

There are, however, products that will do a good job at shaving your head, including the awesomeOster Classic 76, theBabylissPro Double Foil Shaver, and theSkull Shaver Palm 3.


Q. Can I use running water to clean the Balding Clipper?

A. No. They are not waterproof or rinseable. Keep them dry and clean with a brush and cloth.

Q. Can these clippers be used on 220 volts?

A. No. They are designed for the US and Canada only. If you use them outside of these countries you’ll need to use a voltage step-up transformer.


A. Yes, sure you can if your beard isn’t too long. Wahl’s guard comb only goes as high as 1 1/2″ (no.12), so okay for short to mid-length beards.

Q. Are the Balding Clippers for professional use only?

A. They are designed to be in constant use in barbershops and salons, so are marketed as professional use. However, there’s nothing stopping a beginner from using them. Just go slowly until you get used to it.


Cutting black afro hair with clippers and trimmers often throws up questions regarding how well they handle such hair.

The best balding clippers for black hair are no different from the clippers you would choose for thick or coarse hair.

It’s all about the power and speed of the motor.

The Wahl Balding clipper is designed for the thickest of hair – including black hair.


Here’s a good video showing the Wahl Balding Clipper in action, including a good description and demonstration of its features:

This video shows how easy/difficult it is to get an even, total head shave doing it yourself with the Wahl Balding Clipper..

Final Thoughts

TheWahl Professional 5-star Series Balding Clipperis, without doubt,the best balding clippercurrently on the market.

Ideal for professional barbers and hair salons or anyone who wants the bald (or near bald) look at home.

Also great for detailing work and skin fades.

Considering the quality and versatility of this clipper, it offersexceptional value for money.


You’ll never achieve a shave as close as a manual razor, but this isas close as you’ll get!

Thanks for taking the time to read my review of the Wahl Balding Clipper. If you have any questions or comments, please drop them below..


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