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When buying hair clippers, there are a number of things you should take into account before parting with your hard-earned cash.

There are so many hair clippers on the market right now, the choice can be overwhelming.

Before you make a purchase, you need to decide为什么you want the clippers in the first place.

Are they for专业用途, to be used in a busy barbershop or salon?

Or do you just need something to cut hair every few weeks or so?

Perhaps you need clippers to削减自己的头发or a family member/friend at home.




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1. Reliability

如果你以前买过沃尔玛或类似的克拉皮人,你可能会知道这样做是一个false economy.


They tend to be made of cheap plastic, have an average to poor motor, and a blade that ‘hacks‘ rather than smoothly cuts your hair.

Plus you’ll be lucky if they last you more than 12 months!

The Front Runners:

有3个leading manufacturersof hair clippers –

  • Oster
  • Wahl
  • 并且是

Wahl and Oster are synonymous with hair clippers and have been producing them for over 100 years.

There are other brands that also produce decent clippers, but you really can’t go wrong with the big 3.

With the leading brands, you get the reassurance of a solid, reliable company that specializes in hair clippers.

You also get a company-backed warranty from established brands.

Don’t be worried about using other brands, just do your research and make sure they have good customer service and a track record.



2. Quality


  • What the clipper housing is made of.
  • Is it cheap plastic, or made from valox? (a toughened hard-wearing plastic resin)
  • Are the blades guaranteed to stay sharp and strong?
  • Are they self-sharpening blades or will you need to sharpen them yourself?
  • 电机有多强大?
  • Do the clippers come with good quality accessories such as guide combs?

It’s always worth checking out customer reviews on a product.



3. The Motor (Makes All the Difference)

The size and power of a hair clipper’s motor are generally what sorts the top-of-the-range models from the poor imitations.


价格通常被决定quality of the bladesand the motor that drives them.

It is these elements that you should pay particular attention to when making your purchase.

Cheaper motors will burn out quicker and provide less power to the cutting blades.

Rotary motors tend to be the most powerful, and you’ll find them in most cordless clippers.

Electromagnetic motors move the cutting blade much faster and are ideal for corded models and less frequently used clippers.

Blades need to be strong and sharp that will last you at least a few years without dropping in performance.

Check what they are made from and if you can easily get replacement blades.

叶片会伤害如果你把加密的always handy to have a spare one to hand.


The right hair clipper for you may depend on yourprevious experiencewith using them.


TheOster Fast Feedand theWahl Peanut Clipperare both quality clippers that produce an excellent finish.

If you’ve been using clippers for a while, or you are an industry professional who cuts hair on a regular basis, then theOster Classic 76 professional hair clipper多年来一直是长期最喜欢的(包括矿山)。

For a professional cordless hair clipper, the Andis Master andBabyliss Fxmetal系列是伟大的选择。

5. Accessories

Having goodaccessories因为你的剪刀是一个must,并使切割头发更容易。


Other clippers just have the basic clipper and guards.

Whether you opt for professional-grade hair clippers or slightly less powerful, ‘home-use’ clippers, you should have the following accessories:

  • Blade guard – to help protect the clipper blade when not in use.
  • 剪液油和/或油脂
  • Comb attachments – guide combs
  • 理发师梳子
  • 理发师斗篷
  • 剪刀
  • Cleaning brush

Other optional accessories include:

  • Carry / storage case
  • Stand/charging stand
  • Cooling spray or gel
  • A hand mirror


Here’s a good video explaining some dos and don’ts of choosing a hair clipper..

Final Thoughts

Take some time before buying your clipper.

Do your research.

读我的剪辑评论, and based on how much you want to spend, and how often you intend to use them, you should be able to find the right model for you.



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